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Crystal House Boutique July Events

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July 13 - MetroNorth Chamber Ribbon Cutting - 12 Noon

Join us to celebrate our new membership in the MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce.  Light Lunch Served - Storewide Discount Noon - 4:00 PM!

July 24 - Evening of Wellness - 6:00 PM


Young Living Essential Oils - Learn basic techniques for integrating oils into your personal wellness program!

Dr. Kathlyn Reed and "The Zerona Laser" - Learn the health and cosmetic benefits of this breakthrough treatment!

July 27-28 - Christmas In July Sidewalk Sale

Fight Pesky Black Gnats With Essential Oil Remedies

You, like many of us this spring, may have black fly or gnat bites large enough to be seen from across the room. This does not make us exceptional but they do make us itch! You most likely felt no bite or insect on your skin, but the evidence of the bite can range in [...]

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Welcome Spartina

We are so excited to bring another new brand, Spartina to our Crystal House boutique customers. This Hilton Head Island, South Carolina based handbag and accessory company came to life in a seaside cottage on the small island of Daufuskie in 2009. Daufuskie Island is only accessible by passenger ferry or private boat, Loggerhead Turtles [...]

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Models Wanted - Spring Style Show 2018

Crystal House boutique is hosting our 2018 Spring Runway Fashion Show on Saturday,  May 19th at 1 PM. We are looking for models of all ages willing to have FUN "strutting their stuff" in an outfit or two assembled from our in-stock inventory. Please phone our store for additional details and to arrange your fitting! - 763-786-1830.

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Hand Painted Leather - A Spring Staple

Leather as a fashion staple has been through several evolutions. It’s been studded, pieced and dyed. This spring the evolution of leather continues with a light airy whimsical interpretation. Hints of floral are found everywhere in today’s fashion trends. Why not take flowers with you everywhere you go carrying a hand painted leather bag? Fashion [...]

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April Showers Bring May Flowers - Greet Them Both With Style

A spring accessory history lesson! Mention reading this article and receive 20% off your purchase of a Galleria collapsible or stick umbrella!Umbrellas - The history of the umbrella doesn't start with a story of rain at all. Rather, the current day rain umbrella was fashioned for protection against the sun, tracing all the way back [...]

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The Art of Embroidery

The art of embroidery has been around for centuries stretching all over the globe. One of the earliest developments of embroidery can be traced back to China during the Zhou Dynasty (1045 BC). To them, embroidery presented a sign of power, wealth, and rank. The Chinese used embroidery patterns on attire that showcased what each symbol meant. For instance, the [...]

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In like a Lion...Out like a Lamb

It’s an expression that many of us have heard frequently this time of year. “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” Yet, have you ever questioned what this means or where the proverb came from?The aphorism is often a representation of the weather during the month of March. The concept is that the [...]

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Cold Weather and Comfort Food – Why Do We Crave It??

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Cream Soup, Chocolate, Ice Cream, French Fries each of us has a list of favorites we crave as the temperature drops. It seems as the days get colder and darkness envelopes us for a larger part of the day the comfort cravings get stronger. Why do we get so hungry as the season changes and [...]

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Valentine's Day - Traditions and Untraditional Gift Giving

As an official holiday celebrating love, Valentine’s Day, February 14th is most often symbolized with red roses, greeting cards and heart shaped boxes of chocolate candies. The tradition of flowers dates back to the 17th Century. Roses stood for strong feelings and were believed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love. The first love greeting is [...]

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