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Crystal Bits October 2017

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Velvet a Beginners Guide on What to Buy and What to Wear

With so much fashion diversity, we are not always left with a lot of insight on which styles we need to focus on. This year, the consistency is noticeable and sophisticated: velvet. This year’s take on the trend has been manipulated to compliment a woman’s natural figure. The pile on velvet (height of the fibers), is short and dense, which gives it that soft to the touch feeling that delights. Additionally, it catches light and gives off a shiny, fancy look.What begins as a soft, luxurious fabric is made even more glamorous when it comes in a plethora of colors.The best part? Velvet is being made available in almost every facet of fashion. Find it in dresses, boots, heals, bags, cardigans, pants, and more. When all over velvet may be too overwhelming try using velvet as your fashion accent. Pair velvet mini’s and trousers with a silk cami or a basic tee. Try a velvet blazer as a statement piece and don’t be afraid to pair it with soft denim! If you add one pair of trending shoes or boots to your fall / winter look go velvet. One step better, embroidered velvet! Choosing a simple velvet accessory like a handbag or choker will get you off and running with this elegant fashion trend.

More Than Just A TREND: Fall Fashion with Staying Power – By Stephanie

Feeling that 70’s vibe? We are. Many styles from that groovy period have come and gone, and come back again, but one has never truly gone away. The classic, universally flattering wrap dress is here to stay. Easy to wear no matter your size and available in endless colors, patterns and fabrics, we can’t get enough. You can embrace the 70’s style wrap dress this fall and beyond in the nature inspired colors of vibrant emerald, burgundy or mustard and luxurious fabrics such as velvet. Pair it with ankle boots and a denim jacket until those cool fall evenings turn outright cold for winter, then add tights and swap denim for wool on top for your season to season go to. Whether your wrap dress is a light weight cotton or buttery suede, once you master the art of layering, a well-made wrap dress never has to be put away for the season and will last as long as you care for it. Now that’s what we call “Staying Power!” Here are a few more current must-haves that will stay in your closet for a long time. A chambray button down is the perfect layering piece and leopard accent pieces are a new neutral. In our world of skinny bottoms, a loose breezy chiffon blouse is the perfect balance. Not to mention they are appropriate under a jacket at the office or a denim jacket for date night. Leather bomber / moto jackets are a fashion staple that has had a place in every wardrobe for more than six decades.

You Are What You Wear – The Psychology of Fashion

Novelty, trends, reinvention, impulsivity, create the underlying current that drives each of our fashion forces. Our brainslove trends because they are fast acting short-lived blasts of novelty and we simply love new things! Trends are not only a source of novelty but reinvention. A new and trendy item in our wardrobe allows for us to experience the excitement ofself-reinvention.Though personal style is not about blindly following fashion trends, but about knowing what works for your body type and communicating who you are through our dress. Of the many trends, new, reinterpreted, or copied, femininity, bold colors, and strong structures dominate. We are able to be powerfulandfemale! Feminine clothes do not deplete our strength but add to it, and that is evident in this trend selection. Colors defend against sadness and anxiety. As the weather worsens, the temperature drops, and daylight decreases, the fall and winter are lit with super saturation hence we add bold colors to our wardrobe. Highly architectural designs use fabric to create silhouette structure, military inspired details are not going away and have their place in both casual and work place fashion. Everyone wants to be known and fashion allows an expression of each of our authenticity. Our dress choices are internally motivated and can be analyzed to reveal our inner self. Trend chasing is often motivated from a desire to fit in, feel current, and mask insecurities. Find the trends that work for you, those that are harmonious with who you already are!

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