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​Harvey’s “The Original Seatbelt Bag” – A Love Story

Posted by Pam & Haley on

Melanie and Dana Harvey founded Harvey’s “The Original Seatbelt Bag” in 1997, almost by accident. The story starts with a 1950 Buick and a lot of love. Dana Harvey was setting up the seatbelts in the car he and Melanie were restoring. He had the idea to make a matching handbag as a surprise gift for Melanie, using leftover seatbelts. Family and friends loved her bag. So together they began making them to fill their special request orders. Word and demand soon increased so they turned their garage into their first production site and the Buick was sold to fund the growing business! The bags started out as solid colors and in 2006 the first patterned bag was manufactured. The strength of the material used to make the bags led to the creation of a lifetime guarantee against manufacture defects and the slogan "Guaranteed Tough." The material, which is manufactured by the same companies who protect us in crashes, and the YKK zippers are sewn on industrial sewing machines with NASA grade nylon thread to produce these indestructible handbags and accessories.Through the years the styles have featured different silhouettes from ruffles, horizontal and vertical stitching to wool and leather accents. Lace, sequins, zippers and bows have all been incorporated into the designs. Harvey’s has collaborated with companies and artists to develop bags that fit all types of personalities. This includes a very special relationship with Walt Disney Corporation. Seatbelts symbolize strength because they protect in violent vehicle crashes. Should we be surprised that with love and a little creativity this dependable material would be the birth of a high fashion product? 

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