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This is US, This is YOU - an Evening With Cheryl Karpen

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There is no one quite like you. You have your own unique thoughts, characteristics, and gifts. Yet, as women, we have so much in common. Together we are heaping with so much creativity, wisdom, and knowledge. Imagine what would happen if we tapped into that!

Join us for an informal gathering as we honor and celebrate what it means to be a woman today. Best yet, we'll explode ways to live the best story of our lives!

Our presenter, Cheryl Karpen, grew up on a farm in Blaine, Minnesota planting carrots, trees, and peas. As the creator of the “Eat Your Peas” book collection, Cheryl works to help others communicate love, hope and encouragement when they can’t find the words themselves. She is the author of 26 gift books and has sold more than one million copies. Cheryl has spoken to audiences throughout the country about how to live a more peaceful, purposeful, and passionate life. We hope you will join us on August 22nd at 7:00 PM for an evening with our special friend Cheryl Karpen.

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